[ə'kros] 1. preposition
1) (to the other side (of); from one side to the other side of: He took her across the road.) čez
2) (at the other side (of): The butcher's shop is across the street.) na drugi strani
2. adverb
(to the other side or to the speaker's side: He dived in off the river-bank and swam across.) na drugo stran
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I [əkrɔs]
križema, pošev
with arms across — prekrižanih rok
to put across — uveljaviti, izpeljati
American come across! — priznaj(te)!; sezi(te) v žep!
II [əkrɔs]
prek, čez
to come ( —ali run) across, s.o. — naleteti na kaj, slučajno srečati koga
to get across s.o. — spreti se s kom
to be across a horse's back — jahati konja
it flashed across my mind — domislil sem se
across the street from here — na nasprotni strani ulice

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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